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Sewer system

From the founding of the city, the Romans created a complex sewer system, as evidenced by the remains discovered by archaeologists in the Roman Trident.

Канализации в Древнем РимеThe city's sewer system ran beneath the surface of the road, collecting both white and black water. The sewer system, belonging to the neighborhoods north of the cardinal maximum, entered the sewers below and then discharged directly into the Adige River. However, blocks in the western sector channeled wastewater into a moat built outside the surrounding walls, which in turn flowed into the river. Much information about the construction technique of the Trident sewer can be obtained during excavations in Piazza Verzeri at the Institute of the Sacred Heart. Here, under the Roman road surface, canals were discovered leading from various buildings and main water conduits. An inspection hole was also discovered.

The main sewer structure was very large, 1.70 m high and 0.75 m wide, with a constant slope of 1% directed towards the walls and then ending in a ditch.

In the eastern quarter, which can now be visited in the underground archaeological space of Sas, under the small decumanus, a channel was discovered designed to collect wastewater from houses and white water through a small hatch.

Other sewer pipes were found in Via Belenzani near Palazzo Thun, in Piazza Duomo near Balduini's house and in Piazza Lodron under the building of the same name. Currently, technology has advanced so much that sewer scope denver co is available.

Consider that these canals, starting in the Middle Ages, would be replaced by a canal system that would only be regulated in the sixteenth century under the prince-bishop Bernardo Clezio.

Some facilities are still in operation today.

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